Best zombie movies.

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I’ve spent some of my afternoon looking about the internet at zombie movie lists. Wikipedia has an all encompassing list that boasts at least 500 movies easy.  There’s numerous horror sites that have their own best of lists as well. So I thought, since I didn’t really feel like writing a real entry about anything – nothing to say, after all – that I’d write my own. I like lists, I like zombies, I like wasting time and listening to the New Moon Soundtrack.

10: My Boyfriend’s Back, 1993

My Boyfriend’s Back is about a geeky high school kid in love with a popular girl. When he goes to ask her out at work, he dies during a robbery by jumping in front of a bullet to save her. Before he dies, she promises that she’ll go out with him. When he comes back to life, she makes good on the promise – sticking by him throughout all the uh.. perks of being a dead person, including when his ears rot off. It’s a cheesy and predictable movie, but it had zombie-comedy on lockdown before most of the real greats came along.

09: Resident Evil, 2002

There was a time when the Resident Evil movies were pretty good. A time when they didn’t necessarily ruin a gamer’s fantasy of seeing a kick ass movie version of a great video game. The first Resident Evil movie (of which there are now like, four) was scary, a nail-biter and was true to the environments of the games and didn’t have a dissapointing version of Albert Wesker. It also featured this really amazing death by laser scene which has yet to be topped in the franchise.

08: Dawn of the Dead, 1978

George Romero used to be the ultimate zombie movie man and it was largely in part to this movie – the best of his original zombie series. Everyone knows the story: Survivors barricade themselves in a mall for safety from the hordes of (really slow) undead outside that have flocked there. The movie is Romero’s statement on consumerism, as mentioned in this clip, which also has one of the best lines ever: “When there’s no more room in hell.. the dead will walk the earth.”

07: Fido, 2006

Fido is hilarious.
Imagine if, when the zombie hordes invade the planet, that it will be possible to collar them and turn them into productive members of society. They could do all the things we don’t like to do – like pumping our gas, carrying our groceries and walking the dog. In an alternate 1950’s universe, that’s exactly what happens. During the Zombie War, a company called ZomCon emerges and creates the collar which eliminates the zombie desire for human flesh. But all it takes is one rabid zombie..

06: 28 Weeks Later, 2007

For a horror sequel, this one really managed to live up to it’s predecessor and actually be good, even without the brilliance of Danny Boyle. One of the best things about the 28 movies is the music.  It’s very apocalyptic sounding and builds the tension from inside your chest until you’ve bit down all your nails and are holding your breath. The scariest moment for me, happens within the first ten minutes of the movie. The movie opens in a house with a small band of survivors hiding out, but when one of them opens a window to her boyfriend, it’s to her infected boyfriend and a group of his new friends. When one of them gets in the house, it turns into”every man for himself” and Don abandons his wife, locked in a room with the infected.

05: Evil Dead, 1981

Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell were barely in their twenties when they found an abandoned cabin in the woods and made Evil Dead. Unlike those that followed, Evil Dead really wanted to be scary and actually was pretty successful. Some kids go to a cabin for a week alone together and find an old tape recorder and a gross book. When they play the tape, which contains audio of what’s written in the book – The Candarian Book of the Dead – it awakens the Candarian demons in the forest. While his friends are turning into demons around him, Ash does all that he can to save who’s left and keep himself alive. This movie features a very young and handsome Bruce Campbell. (It’s where I fell in love with him..) Oh and there’s tree rape, too.

04: Shaun of the Dead, 2004

Everyone who knows a good zombie movie, knows that Shaun of the Dead is a brilliant one. It is, perhaps, the funniest horror comedy there is, and still manages to have a few moments here and there that are quite intense. And as a major bonus, it doesn’t skimp on the blood and gore a bit. It is the perfect demonstration of the fact that just because you’re making a “horror” movie, doesn’t mean it can’t be ridiculously funny.

03: Dawn of the Dead, 2004

The first ten minutes or so of this movie are so scary that I literally don’t breathe every time I watch it. Most things about this remake are just like in the original. With one, big exception. These zombies are fast. They are very fast and very scary. That’s what differentiates the remake and the original and what determines which one is actually a nail biter. It’s got cameos from actors that were in the original, tons of gore, and an ending that leaves you with anything but a good feeling.

02: 28 Days Later, 2002

28 Days Later was the first movie to do two really scary things that most scary movies do now: They made the zombies run really, really fast. And they completely emptied the streets of London for the opening scenes. This movie features some of the most heart racing, intense scenes including changing a flat tire in a dark tunnel as infected raced towards them; and Jim and Selena running up a dozen flights of stairs while being chased. As with 28 Weeks, the music is intense and frightening and really is one of the best parts of the movie.

01: Evil Dead 2, 1987

Okay, obviously this is my number one. I love this movie and Bruce Campbell so much that I have his face from the cabin laughing scene tattooed on my arm. Obviously I am committed.
Picking up pretty much exactly where the first movie ended, Ash is now alone at the same cabin in the woods and still surrounded by Candarian demons. Only now, he’s gone a little bit crazy and so the character turns a bit slapstick and a lot funny. Bruce really shines in this movie for the funny and talented actor that he is. When the daughter of the cabin’s owner shows up with a couple other people who are not smart enough to outrun the Candarian demons, Ash has to once again survive, outwit and protect. In this, one of the greatest movie scenes ever, we see Ash transform from the unwitting and goofy hero into the bad-ass, Boomstick toting demon slayer that fans all know and love.


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