Feathuhs of an arrow.

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I’m sitting here and listening to the Sainthood stream and all I can think is that I want to write a giant love letter to them for this album and for every single song they’ve ever written (except Superstar and maybe that one about the missing trees). Because Tegan and Sara are my number one feeling. And it is a good one. It is a very, very good feeling.

I’m part of the greatest LiveJournal community ever (hey togoners whoop whoop), but it seems we’re all a pretty cynical bunch. And we’ve all done a lot of making fun of Tegan and Sara (but mostly Tegan) ever since it was announced that the album was going to be called “Sainthood.” When the album art, which is decidedly awful, was released there were so many hilarious comments and pictures that I still laugh at them. However, during recent months I developed a feeling of impending doom and uncertainty about what this album was going to sound like. I didn’t download the leak and I wasn’t even going to listen to the stream – I was saving myself for it like a virgin for her wedding night. But in the end I’m really glad that I listened because it really put to ease the anxiety that I was genuinely experiencing.

See I’ve been listening to Tegan and Sara since 2000 when their website was in like, Mistral font and it looked like this to enter:

bangerAre you ten years ago? Obvs.

One of the only two times I’ve cried at a concert – the other being AFI/This Time Imperfect/first time ever – was the first time I saw Tegan and Sara and they did that beautiful version of This Is Everything. I know right, so emo. All I’m trying to point out is the fact that they really go straight through my bones. (I tried to think of a different way to say that so it didn’t sound like I was referencing the Tiesto song, but whatevs. There’s no other way to put it.)

Being as I’ve been listening since before This Business of Art came out, I’ve had to relearn how to love them after every album came out. On first listens, the only album I didn’t hate was The Con. I hated the new versions of UFLO songs that were on This Business. I hated the general sound of If It Was You and I didn’t like how they changed it up again and confused me with So Jealous. But now I understand that the only reason I still listen to them almost ten years on, is that they consistently change and reinvent their sound. Yet they still write brilliant, heartbreaking, soulshaking, and sometimes confusing lyrics – and that’s why I’ve always loved them so much.

I was afraid that Sainthood was going to be another one of those cd’s that I was going to ignore for a few months and then slowly decide to like after giving it a second chance. However that’s not the case at all. I love the loops they’re using more of, especially on Arrow and Don’t Rush; the sort of spooky and very sad sound of Night Watch; I even kind of like Northshore. Sara sounds amazing – her voice is so sweet – and still writes songs that kind of confuse me, and Tegan’s songs are still the ones that I feel most. Granted, I do miss the more quiet, acoustic sound of songs like Soil Soil and Call it Off; but I really love that this album kind of makes me want to get up and dance.

I was silly to be skeptical in the beginning. I guess I forgot that Tegan and Sara haven’t let me down before and there’s a reason why I never get tired of them. I’m not even mad it’s called Sainthood anymore. I still hate that fucking album art though.


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