Special Comment: Bad Romance.

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I’d like to take a moment to talk about Lady Gaga and her new video Bad Romance, which as you’d better know, premiered yesterday. This will only take a moment.

Since seeing this video yesterday, I have since watched it about thirteen more times and, after making it my first official iTunes purchase, have listened to the single about double that. I officially state my position as “Bad Romance is better than the entirety of The Fame.” Lofty words, I know, especially considering how amazing The Fame is an a album.

Gaga came out of like, nowhere with this incredible first album that is full of dance, sex, trash, attitude, diamonds and possibly sunshine from Heaven. She immediately made it clear that she does what she wants and makes no apologies for anything: Not her music, her style, her sexuality, or her insane stage shows. The parallels with the original HBIC were so similar that everyone almost immediately cried “She’s the new Madonna!” Gaga and Madonna even joked about it on SNL a few weeks ago. I knew and said it was entirely possible but I wasn’t ready to say “Yes! She is!” Things can change so quickly between a first and second album that that’s when many new talents disappear.

Even though Gaga isn’t giving us a new album with The Fame Monster, we’re still getting eight new songs, which is close enough and good enough for me. Out of the three I’ve heard (Alejandro, Dance in the Dark and Bad Romance obvs) they all are so completely mind blowing that I can’t even imagine what her sophomore album is going to sound like. Like, I don’t even understand how this music can be this good.

After the video for Paparazzi, I thought for sure I’d seen the best music video in the world. But then she does this and it’s got so many elements that it’s as satisfying as a trip to Disneyland. She brings together some of her greatest ensembles (where are you VMA nest?) and slams them all at you at once and you wonder when your brain will stop freaking out from the fact that her sparks bra totally just set that man on fire. She talks about how she’s an artist first and foremost and that’s exactly what this video is: Pure fucking art.

This bitch is obviously just going to keep getting better and better until she either kills us all with her greatness, or takes us all back to Heaven with her. Yeah, she’s the new Madonna for this generation, all right. She’s saved pop music and set the bar so high that we don’t even need anybody else.



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