Saturn has a ring around you.

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It’s hard for me to believe that I wrote this nearly two years ago. I miss my friend. And I still ache inside when I think of him.

yesterday i woke up to a myspace message from jason medlin… telling me that matt nicholas died in is sleep that morning. my heart dropped out of my chest and once a couple minutes had gone by, and my mind processed the information, i burst into tears. this was not a man any of us could afford to lose. he was so… amazing and so wonderful. i can only imagine how his wife will feel, waking up today and knowing he is gone.

i sent mom a text to tell her the news. she called me an hour later in sobs. she was literally weeping. i simply didn’t know what to say to her. part of me feels like he wasn’t that big a part of my life. but that must be because it’s been so long since the last time i’d seen or spoken to him. but when i think back to our time at living faith – most of my memories include him. every concert i went to, every activity with the youth group, every sunday morning service. matt is always there, in all those memories. when i think of matt nicholas, i think of indian buffet after church, and him red-faced and sweating from the spices in the chicken. i think of going to denny’s after an evening service, and hanging out for hours drinking coffee, eating pie and talking. i think of driving to phoenix for concerts – and the night chrishna came.. and he sat in the car for three hours so we could spend time together. but mostly, matt is to me as he was the first time i ever saw him, as i will always remember him. matt is the man, on his knees, with his arms reached toward heaven and his eyes closed, singing and praying with everything in him.

matt was never once judgmental or critical of people. he was never bitter for things in his past. what matt was, however, was caring and loving and passionate. he was funny, he was sweet, he was enthusiastic and he was always excited for something. it breaks my heard that i hadn’t spoken to him in so long. years. i will always wish that i had taken the opportunity while i had it, to tell him how much i loved him, how amazing he was, and how much he always meant to me.


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