My nerves will be the death of me, I know.

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It’s rare that a musician sounds better live than they do on albums. They usually sound different, obviously. But live usually tends to sound a bit rawer, a bit more flawed. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, its part of why going to concerts is so great. It’s just that, in my experience at least, live is never as exquisite as that first time your cd player grabs the disc and the sounds flush out your speakers.

That is, at least, until we saw City and Colour this weekend. I’ve been to a lot of really amazing concerts – seen some really incredible performers – but in truth, I have never heard someone sound so flawless.  I’ve never listened to Alexisonfire so I can’t speak for that aspect of his musicianship, but anyone who has listened to City and Colour (and has any decent taste in music) knows that Dallas Green has an incredible voice. But there was something about the way he sounded in The Henry Fonda Theatre that was completely soul shaking. He was crystal clear, delicate, smooth, strong and immaculate. It has ruined the records for me, in truth.

Also, I want to mention for a moment, the curious case of the Dallas Green fan boy. At a concert with this type of “sensitive,” acoustic music, one would think the crowd would be lots of ladies. But on the contrary, we were surrounded by boys wearing beanies, black glasses and sporting very impressive, manly beards. It was literally a testosterone party. And that’s cool and all, but these boys are literally in love with this guy. It’s amusing really, because as much as I really like his music and as positively adorable as he was, I don’t find myself all squishy for him. Yet every single boy in the room was completely giggly over him. It was cute, actually. Kristi says they all just want to be him (which I get. If I were a boy who could grow a really amazing beard [which I would do if I were a boy], I’d totally want to be him as well), but I think that really… they’re all super, super gay for Dallas Green. Its okay boys, I understand.

The video itself is shoddy quality but oh, just listen..


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