30 Days: Day 23

Saturday, June 5th 10 at 3:48 am Leave a comment

Day 23 → A YouTube video

I found this wonderful thing by happy accident. I thought Ooh, what is this?! and as I watched it a series of things happened: I grinned ear to ear, my jaw dropped and I giggled wildly. Okay, probably it doesn’t mean much or matter much to someone without a rabid obsession with Doctor Who (read: someone who is not me). But for me, this video was four and a half minutes of pure joy.

Imagine my surprise and glee to discover that Chameleon Circuit is an actual band that has an actual cd and play a type of music called Trock. Which means “Time Lord Rock.” You guys, that means that they only sing songs about Doctor Who! I’ve listened to their cd several times since discovering it and look at me, I’m getting all excited as though I’ve just discovered this wonder!

Be right back, I’ve got an awful lot of running to do.


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