30 Days: Day 25

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Day 25 → Your day, in great detail

My entire day in great detail? Well, that’s boring. Anyhow, I woke up at a few minutes to nine and stayed in bed a few minutes to check the bank and catch up on Twitter. After I got out of bed I greeted the cats, went pee and put on a pair of shorts before sitting at my desk to check/read LiveJournal, Facebook and Autostraddle. That took a while. But then I was responsible and paid my phone bill, our cable bill, made sure my insurance cards were in order and paid my Playstation Magazine subscription. I looked at ONTD for a bit while listening to Angus and Julia Stone. But then I remembered I didn’t post a picture yesterday so I looked at my WordPress stats and decided I’d better get a few of these down. After completing the previous one, I started this one while listening to the Eclipse soundtrack and eating a cold piece of pizza.

It’s nearly eleven now and in a little bit, I’ll take a shower and get ready to go meet Kristi for lunch at one-thirty. On my way I’ll get gas – hopefully I’ll have enough to make it up the street to the station. After lunch, I’ll go to WalMart to get a few things that we need urgently like cat litter and shampoo. Then I will definitely go to the Goodwill Bookstore where I will hopefully bring home a good loot of Stephen King books with which to build my book castle with. Maybe I’ll get my truck washed, it’s pretty filthy.

Upon my return home, I’ll clean up after the cats and be grumpy about it and also feel lonely while I wait for Kristi to come home at five. When she gets home, we’ll go to the gym where I’ll sweat and be tired and want to die, probably. Then we’ll come home and have something for dinner and lay on the couch watching Six Feet Under. Sometime around eight, I’ll take another shower and start getting ready for work. I’ll stomp around for ten minutes asking “What am I going to listen to?!” Then I’ll settle on something and leave for work at 9:30, arriving around 9:53 depending on traffic and lights.

Once at work, I will make lunch for my clients and feel grumpy and sad that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for twice last week. I will probably watch Jimmy and Doctor Who again. Maybe I will download a movie today to watch or maybe I will get some more reading done.  It will be a long haul until six am…


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30 Days: Day 24 Somewhere over the rainbow.

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