10 Albums of 2010.

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Probably my favourite thing about the end of a year is that there is never any shortage of top ten and best of lists. I have this thing where I really love lists. I’m sure you’ve noticed. There are approximately 26 titles tagged with “list” on this blog. My favourite end of the year lists to make are my top ten favourite movies and albums that’ve been released over the past twelve months. This particular edition is the music one. Lists lists lists.

Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 1, 2, & 3
Up until about six weeks ago I was painfully oblivious to Robyn and her fantastic hair. She guested on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and gave a performance of Dancing On My Own that I was completely riveted to. It was stuck in my head for days after. Since then I have been listening to the entirety of the Body Talk trilogy on an almost veritable loop. Kristi doesn’t understand what it is I so much love about her and I’m not sure how to explain it. The beats are insane, she makes me want to dance even though I can’t (I’m consistently impressed with her moves), and In My Eyes really gives me an odd sort of comfort (sort of like how Lady GaGa’s Dance in the Dark did last year).
Favourite tracks: In My Eyes, Dancing on my Own, Indestructible, Call Your Girlfriend

The National – High Violet
The best way I can think to describe this album is that it heavy like a weight and hard like bricks and cuts me completely to pieces. Every single song is beautiful and perfect, building slow and deep. While Matt sings exquisitely written lyrics in his rich, smooth voice. I had a difficult time getting into The National before this album. But High Violet is just a completely perfect piece of art. It’s impossible to deny it.
Favourite tracks: Conversation 16, England, Lemonworld

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy, Stripped Down
Finding out that Yoko Ono was releasing a “naked” version of John’s final album (my favourite), Double Fantasy, to commemorate his 70th birthday was a total thrill. Listening to it for the first time felt like it was a gift from her, from John; for John, for me. His voice rings out so crisp, it’s perfect. Every single little detail of his speech is so clear. I love remastered versions for this quality. It is like hearing him right inside your brain.
Favourite tracks: Watching the Wheels, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), I’m Losing You

Fistful of Mercy – As I Call You Down
Fistful of Mercy is the side project for Dhani Harrison – George’s son; some guy named Ben Harper (jk) and Joseph Arthur, who is a boy with a really beautiful voice. The way these three harmonise is amazing. Harper’s more rough voice sounds so good over smoother, sweeter tones of Dhani and Arthur. I think a lot of people are most excited about this group because of Ben Harper, but the truth is that Dhani Harrison is almost as perfect as his father was and I would listen to him sing a phone book.
Favourite tracks: In Vain or True, With Whom You Belong

Gogol Bordello – Trans-Continental Hustle
Ever since I saw these guys open for Tegan and Sara in 2006, I’ve been hooked. They’re the most energetic and exciting live show I’ve ever seen and their albums stay fresh because the sound changes based on where Eugene Hutz is living at the time. For Hustle, he was living in Brazil and the music is infused with it in a perfect marriage with their natural sound. Instead of Ukranian and frantic like Gypsy Punk, or dirty and Brooklyn like Super Taranta!, it’s a little bit spicy and sexy and Portuguese.
Favourite tracks: My Companjera, Pala Tute, Immigrandia (We Comin’ Rougher)

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
While everyone else was fawning over Taylor Swift and her stupid song about Kanye at this year’s VMA’s; I was busy being amazed by Kanye himself and his red outfit. As if there was ever any doubt that he would outdo himself and deliver another incredible record, they were all completely dispelled within the first two minutes of this album. I don’t know much about “rap,” but I know that Kanye West is a genius and I could care less he’s the most arrogant man in the business. It’d be something different if it wasn’t totally warranted.
Favourite tracks: Power, Monster, All the Lights

Paul McCartney and Wings – Band on the Run
Another remaster with that perfectly crisp and clear quality to it. Paul is a master of pop music and that is never more clear than the three songs in one that make Band on the Run. Let Me Roll It is the most perfect and simple love song in the history of love songs. And these remastered and cleaned up versions are just breathtaking.
Favourite tracks: Let Me Roll It, Band on the Run, Jet

Scissor Sisters – Night Work
There was something lacking in Ta-Dah that was recaptured with Night Work. Perhaps it was the dirty, it was the sex and it was the debauchery. Those elements are most definitely not lacking on this record. I can just picture Jake – all sweaty and half naked – doing a shimmy as he sings lyrics like “harder you get, all in my sweat, never too wet to want it all.” It is then… then that I know that the Filthy/Gorgeous Scissor Sisters are back.
Favourite tracks: Fire With Fire, Skin Tight, Whole New Way

Lissie – Catching a Tiger
Kristi and I were fortunate enough to see Lissie open for City and Colour way back at the beginning of the year. She’s got the most beautiful, haunting voice. In the months between the show and this release I completely played out her e.p. Why You Runnin’. This first full length record is a force of beauty and sadness, love and loneliness. The most played song in my entire iTunes library is on this album.
Favourite tracks: Worried About, When I’m Alone, In Sleep

Angus and Julia Stone – Down the Way
Of all the things Autostraddle has taught me or told me about this year, these two are very near the top of my favourites. Beautiful voices, beautiful lyrics and beautiful music. What more could you possibly ask for. This album is top to bottom gorgeous.
Favourite tracks: For You, Walk it Off, I’m Not Yours


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  • 1. Kevin  |  Saturday, January 8th 11 at 9:40 am

    What is a tiny bit creepy is that our three favorite songs from High Violet are the same!

    And Monster’s the best track on Kanye’s album.

    Much applause. =)


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